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Posted on 2024.09.13 at 14:53
Alright, so this is a "Hows My Driving" post. You know what to do. I am open to any crit you may have for me to better my character's playing. I will have Anon on and IP tracting off so if you're shy you can tell me Anonly.


Wuddya want?

32. [Video->Voice]

Posted on 2011.01.31 at 14:29
[ The communicator flips on and is a bit shaky at first. It seems someone is messing with the kid's comm. It finally stops shaking and turns upward to see Tetsu climbing on some clothing shelves]

Dood, I don't think that's a good idea.

Yeah Dood, you're gonna fall or something!

Oi! I ain't gonna fall over, okay! I ain't that clumsy! Besides the thing I need the most is all the way at the top!

[ The View starts shaking again as a Prinny face comes to view. It shakes a little more and then the video feed disapears though the audio still works.]

Whoops, I think I broke it dood.


[ Before the Feed cuts out all you can hear is a bunch of junk falling over]

[ ooc: Red is Tetsu, And the two blues are two differen't Prinnies chillin with Tetsu.]


31. [Video]

Posted on 2010.12.18 at 01:34
[ The video feed clicks on to show a familiar red head. He seems to be working really hard on something In big sloppy letters the top reads " DEER SANTAH,". It appears this certain redhead is writing his own letter to santa.

This goes on for a bit and he seems to be concentrating really hard on this letter then...

BZZZAAAAAAAT! he gets shocked like woah from his communicator. It seems he hadn't been using it for a while

YEEEEOWWW! WHAT THE HELL YA DUMBASS THING! [ He rushes to it and slams it down turning the thing off]

S-shutup thats not what I said

30. [Video] (Backdated to a couple days ago)

Posted on 2010.11.29 at 12:25
[THE FEED CUTS ON, but you don't see anything, yet. Some deep breaths are heard and then...

Tetsu shows the screen his face. This picture is quite accurate to what he looks like right now besides the messy wig. Instead his hair is in two big clumps of messy piggytails. He fidgets around in his seat a little


[That's right. He just embarrassed himself in front of everyone purposely for two friends he made sad.( AKA Satoko and Rika) He quickly turns the feed off and goes into hiding or something.]


29.5. [ Fourth wall~]

Posted on 2010.11.17 at 14:38
Where the hell did all these people come from? This is so creepy!

None of you better try bossin' me around cause I'll take you all down!


29. [Video--> Action]

Posted on 2010.11.15 at 22:44
[ Tetsu flicks on the video feed quickly and looks absolutely terrible. Not only is he panting from running so much, he's a complete mess, like a child who's been rolling around in dirt all day.]

w-wha! It was a accident! I didn't mean to! GAAAHHH!11!!

[ The feed goes out as he stumbles to keep running. Before the feed shuts off, a familiar "BUKIBUKIBUKI" sound of an angry piglet can be heard.]

[ Tetsu is now knocking on everyone's door to get them to let him inside.

Feel free to ignore his cries for help and laugh at how retarded he is or let him in. Though if you let him in, he will be tracking mud and dirt all throughout your home and furniture.


28. [Video]

Posted on 2010.10.28 at 16:04
[ He clicks on the video feed looking a little irritated. If looking close enough, it's easy to tell he hasn't slept in a few days. He has pretty big bags under his eyes.]

I got the damn point already Dumbass Scientist! So leave me alone before I crack you one!

Anyway, other than that, none of you come lookin' for me! It ain't none of your business where I am and you'll be next on my poundin' list!

[ He glares at the screen one more time and sticks his tongue out in the most mature way. He drops it to the floor which makes a THUD noise and after a while it turns off on it's own. This puppy boy went into hiding, but unfortunately he didn't leave any red paw prints to help the viewers at home figure it out.]


27. [Video]

Posted on 2010.10.17 at 22:49
[ The lil brat shoots up screaming like he just had a horrible dream. Panting like crazy and wincing a little as he tries to catch his breath. He tries to calm himself down but it takes a few minutes for it to happen]

... Was that.. for real? Was it all a dream...? ...! Tohma! Ryuichi! Suguru! Did you guys get hurt?!

[ He only panics more and tries getting out of the bed while doing so]


Twenty sixth sword style [Voice - Video]

Posted on 2010.10.14 at 21:37
[ You can hear a voice murmuring in the background and maybe the grunt of a piglet. It's not to loud, but the noise is clearly up to something]

Lets see.. add a little here.. and maybe some there.. what do you think saizo? [ annoyed squeal] Like you could do any better! Damn everyone's a critic! [ He hums a little to himself]

Okay, just a little more...! Got it! Best piece of work yet! [ You can practically hear the grin in his voice]

[ The person responsible takes the communicator from his pocket and switches it to video. He doesn't get a clear view yet, but you can see the hallway of one of the buildings. A few swords; Now it moves a little and look, a little piglet butt, not to mention a few blankets on the ground too. He sticks his creation up on a door and moves the video to see how amazing it is. He then points the screen to himself and looks a bit seriously] Watch out for that guy. He's completely insane! But don't worry, I wont let him get in and I won't let them get out.

That goes for any of you! Don't think that I'll back down!

[ooc: He's sort of been camping out in front of the door of Tohma and the gang's place. He doesn't want anymore people to get hurt so he figured this was the best plan]

[ The communicator turns on and it seems a bit fuzzy at first. In the background you can hear some harsh coughing.]

Ugh.. Okita-san... dont worry 'bout me. 'm takin' care [ COUGH COUGH HACK ] ughh... my self.. 'm fine.

stupid new box zapped me so I guess I gotta talk or somethin'.. And I ain't sick if anyone thinks that! [ OH GOD YELLING HURTS DYINNNNG ]

I-I'm just a lil.. haa... just a little ha-haaa damn nose tickle just a little wei.. ha-HACCCHUUUUU! [ That sneeze knocked it out of his hands and when he went to grab it he turned it off on accident ]

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